Why we aren't taking part in the Black Friday Sale!

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Why we aren't taking part in the Black Friday Sale!

We believe Black Friday is backwards! It tends encourage individuals to make quick decisions, to buy products they may not actually need, just to avoid missing out on a sale. At Mankind Athletic, we think holiday gift giving should focus on the family member or friend you’re buying for, not the awesome deal you can grab on a random present. The holidays are meant to bring families and friends together, not to shoot sales through the roof.  

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. In fact responsible for around 10% of the carbon footprint in the world. Annually, the world throws away about 80 billion items of clothing. The consumer’s appetite for fast fashion has seen an increase in synthetic fibres and excessive textile waste. We are looking to try an minimise this impact. 

Why You Should Own Less Stuff! 3 Tips On How To Reduce Your Items

Yes, there are many new movements out there, all with the purpose of making the world a better place, and none without their challenges. Take minimalism for example. There is a whole sector of society, moving towards the ideology that less is more. It’s a great idea and one we should all be aspiring to just a little bit at least in this consumer-mad world. But where to start? There are so many constant things grabbing our attention and catching our eye that we ‘want’ and ‘need’... or so we’re lead to believe.

A good place to start is our wardrobes. And it’s not necessarily about doing the KonMari method asking if it sparks joy (yes we're talking about that lady from TV). It’s more about asking yourself, do you really need 47 black t-shirts of slight variations. It’s about functionality and finding items you can use in more than one way. A great clothing purge can be a very cleansing experience. Perhaps a good place to start is to pretend you are going travelling (or maybe you really are) and have very limited space in your suitcase. What are the items you can use to dress up and dress down, and layer for all seasons? 

If you can find clothes that match these purposes, then it’s a good start.There’s clothing brands popping up that also cater for this wardrobe.nyc for example and we here at Mankind. Our range is simple and made to be multi-functional. We use materials that work with your body during a workout, but also look good. So you can go hard at the gym and do your thing in the real world, with an effortless cool and strut! The added benefit of owning less is the money you save and the reduced impact you have on the environment. Really we should be focused on experiences, not things, to help us live more fulfilling lives.

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