Behind the Scenes of the New Tech Range

Behind the Scenes of the New Tech Range

The New Tech Range 

The Inspiration

"In pursuit of the best
version of you in the

Drawing inspiration from iconic athletes and brands from around the world, our products are bold, distinct, and carry a story in every garment. Each Mankind Product is an expression of a unique feeling or story which we can relate to as people chasing our own fitness ambitions and dreams. Displayed in details from each garments own unique cut and style down to the print and even labels.

It's our vision to create clothing that inspires and motivates you, feeling confident and locked in (like no pre workout can achieve) to reach your full potential whilst working out achieving results even you didn't think you were capable of!


The Inspiration Continued..

"Oh, and out of the gym

It's the small acts when multiplied by many that make significant change. That's why we are focused on slow fashion, products designed to last years. We source the highest quality natural fabrics like cotton and top printing techniques. Garments that move with your fitness goals. All products are delivered in a biodegradable
mailing satchel, helping combat single use plastic!

We get it, it's clothing at the end of the day you out grow it want something new. Okay, BUT don't simply through it in the trash when you're done with
it send your Mankind Athletic gear back to us and we'll recycle it for you turning it into new Mankind products.

"Ultimately, our mission is simple. We want to inspire you in your
pursuit of the best version of you, both in and out of the gym".

Why we exist 

There wasn't a brand who we believed stood for the underdog athlete, the one
working at their craft in the shadow of doubt around them. The humble yet competitive athlete who dares to take their destiny into their own hands. Following their passion and taking the risks that may seem crazy to others.

It's all about following your passion. What you put your heart into is worth doing.
Anything else would be a waste of energy.

Mankind Athletic is all about doing, rather than pretending. Not just dreaming about where you aspire to be, but actually getting there. Looking forward not just to the destination, but the journey. It's a marathon not a sprint and where with you every step of the way. When we share, we share our experiences, the things we love, from our perspective. We share our ambitions, our desires and even our failures.

We not big on the 'fake it till you make it' saying instead we prefer to put in the hard work today, enjoy the climb and the view will be that much sweeter once we reach the top. After all it's the learnings and the failures, the triumphs and the rejections that make us the person who we desire to become. We’re all about ambition to follow our passion — we focus on what we want, and we pursue it.

In the Gym: We each have individual goals and ambitions. We create clothing for athletes who are grinding away each day chasing their dreams. Our clothing purpose is to inspire and motivate you to reach new levels in your training. We focus on aesthetic garment fits and fabrics, whilst also producing designs which reflect your athletic ambitions.

Out of the gym: We believe fulfilling the best you isn't limited to just the gym. It's a holistic approach where our overall intentions reflect who we are and what we stand for. We want to encourage small acts of kindness, gratitude and empathy. Whether it be supporting a charity partner through purchase, supporting the families of our ethical factories or even just using a biodegradable satchel. cutting out single use plastic and protecting the environment.


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